One of these things...

There are four women who I find so irresistible that I will automatically purchase any magazine that puts them on the cover: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. It doesn't matter how many times I've read (or, to be honest, reread) their life stories, or how blurry the never-before-seen photos are -- I'm helpless to their charms, and I instantly and happily part with my money. After all, what's $4 in exchange for a little girlish fantasy?

Which probably explains why I have a subscription to Vanity Fair. Have you noticed that they have one of these women on the cover at least once a year? You'd think the ladies are still with us, but no -- their lives were just that fascinating that we still want to read about them.

Imagine my delight when this month's magazine landed in my mailbox and I saw my favorite classy blonde on the cover:



When I read the article's teaser -- How a Philadelphia Dreamer Became a Princess and Why Her Classic Style Still Inspires -- I knew I was in for a treat, so I settled in on the sofa for a few minutes of escape. Princes! Diamonds! Monaco! What's not to love?

Then I noticed the other teasers.

TIGER WOODS: (ugh!) The Women, The Kinks, and How it All Came Crashing Down

For the love of everything, Tiger Woods? And then, as if thing couldn't get any worse:


Seriously? How tacky!

And of course, I went straight to the Tiger stuff. Because I'm only human, people.

The Tiger article was predictably sleazy, but what I really found interesting were the pictures of the women he cheated with (or the "girlathon gallery" as VF so classily called it) -- the pictures were definitely styled to contrast with Grace Kelly's photos.

For example, here's Grace Kelly giving us a knowing look over her left shoulder:

And here's the modern day of the over-the-left-shoulder look:


Um, yeah...Who needs clothes when there's the NY Post, right?

One more! Here's Grace Kelly in a white bathing suit:


And here's the modern day version:


We live in awful times. Truly.