Perfecting the Brow

You guys, I'm obsessed with brows. It's gotten to the point where I can't stop staring at pretty brows online, which means that I'm spending a lot of time staring at pictures of Megan Fox.


(Don't tell me those brows aren't impressive.)

Of course, that means that I'm obsessed with my brows. I'm very particular about how they are done. I don't like them to be too thin or too short. I know exactly what I want them to look like, so you can imagine how pleasant it is for the brow techs when I sit in their chair ("don't make them too thin, but not too thick either, oh! And make me look natural but glamorous...")

I bit the bullet recently and went to Boston's top brow maven. I had always wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but she charges an exorbitant fee (four times as much as the next most expensive brow person I've gone to) but I figured since I'm so obsessed with brows it would be worth it. It's not like I spend a fortune on my hair.

(I get my hair cut about twice a year. Shhh!)

I was determined to get my money's worth, so I gave her my very detailed list of what I wanted before I would even sit at her chair. I was sure she would think I was nuts, but she just nodded approvingly. She said she actually appreciated that I cared that much. Then she worked for 45 minutes, and my heart was palpitating the entire time. Was I a sucker for spending so much on my brows? What if I ended up looking permanently angry? (It's happened before -- some brow ladies think they're hilarious. They are not.)

Well, my first brow shaping with Boston's eyebrow queen was INCREDIBLE. She somehow made my brows look thicker and longer by spending 45 minutes pulling hair out. It was miraculous.

I was sold.

The second time I visited her I spent a good ten minutes chatting with her about what I wanted, and once again she worked her magic. Awesome.

The third time...well, by then I figured she knew what she was doing, so I just sat down and took a little nap while she worked. Then she handed me the mirror, and OHMYGODMYBROWS!

My brows! They were short, pointy, pencil-thin ghosts of their once glorious selves.

Right then and there, I resolved to learn how to do my own brows. I was tired of repeating what I wanted, over and over again. The suspense of each eyebrow appointment was just too much for me. So now I take care of things myself.

My secret? Stencils. Yes! Stencils!

Links and stuff are at my post at Blogher Style, but suffice it to say -- I'm better off just doing it myself. That way I can call all the time I spend looking at brows online "educational" -- right?