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I've been listening to the nineties station.

OK, that's not quite true -- truth is, I've been listening to the nineties station A LOT. And friends, nothing makes you feel old like knowing every single song in an "oldies" station when you just don't get a lot of the crap kids listen to nowadays.


I may be hip with the Twitter and the whatnot, but basically I'm old.

What I am saying is, this is a warning. I'm about to indulge in nineties nostalgia.

Ninetiestalgia, if you will.

(Ninetiestalgia sounds like a disease, doesn't it? I guess isn't too far from the truth. It's an old-timer's disease. Badabum!)

Anyways, I was thinking the other day (as I dabbed some CK One behind my ears and tapped my french manicured fingernails on my Clueless VHS tape) about nineties music. Like, I remember living in the nineties (I was in high school from 1989-1993 and college from 1993-1997) and thinking that the music that was the background of all that clubbing and step classing was so forgettable. "Oh well," I remember thinking, "at least it's fun."

You know what, nineties me? You were wrong! Nineties music is not forgettable -- here you are thinking about it TWENTY years later.

(What-ever! Talk to the hand!)

But you were right about one thing, nineties me. The music was fun. And you know why?

Because in the nineties, we all thought we were supermodels.

We loved supermodels something fierce back then, didn't we?

Then again, how could we not, when the music made us feel like we were on the runway too?

The Soup Dragons = College.

The next three are so campy that I should be embarrassed for loving them as much as I do. But I am not embarrassed in the least. 

Right Said Fred! Where are those guys? (I probably don't want to know.)

RuPaul! Drag queens! When you spent the nineties in Miami, pictures of you hanging out with drag queens at Lucky Cheng's are bound to surface on Facebook...and, well, they have. There go my chances at ever running for public office, I guess.

Oh well. Who cares! We had fun. Work it, girl!

I have one thing to say: Sashay, chante!

And this...Wow. It's hard to remember a time when Madonna was classy and sexy. But there was! I know!  

I'm sure some of you think this is a Glee
rip-off. That's so depressing, I can't even find the words to
explain why.

So tell me, my little kittens as cats -- do you love campy nineties music as much as I do? What are your favorites? Time to make a playlist!