My Travel Uniform

Yesterday was spent traveling from Boston to the islands of Charleston. I had to laugh when I saw myself in the mirror at the Charleston airport because A) I looked so stereotypically Bostonian in my grays and knit layers and B) I remembered some posts I've read lately on travel uniforms. I think you have to make an effort to look decent so that the airline staff treats you seriously, but you also have to be comfortable -- especially when traveling with three little boys.

(I have to note that no one gave me a hard time while traveling with the boys. While I have to give my sons mad props for behaving, I think that people trusted our competency as travelers because we didn't look like we just rolled out of bed. Even though that's pretty much what we did at 5 am. Shh!)

This is my travel uniform. It's like traveling in a blanket, which is just another way of saying, it's like traveling in awesome.

Open cardigan: Calvin Klein (scored at TJ Max for $25!)

T-Shirt: I don't know, but I bought it at Nordstroms on sale eons ago.

Jeans: Old Navy (great for post-maternity period. They're super soft and a tad big)

Shoes: Elie Tahari (they're a mix between ballet slippers and driving mocs -- great for slipping on and off at the airport)

As comfy as I was traveling in this, I'm looking forward to trading in my knits for dresses and bathing suits. I'm off to build some sandcastles for now!

My Travel Uniform