My Thoughts On American Apparel's Hiring Practices

I get, intellectually, why I should be angry at American Apparel for their hiring policies. I do.

However, this is a company that has spent millions trying to convince us that lamé shorts are a viable sartorial option.

I simply cannot take them seriously. Forgive me. I hope you understand.

RSAC319_01 Serve

I know I should be appalled at how they micromanage their employee's appearance. But I'm convinced the whole thing is a PR stuntslashjoke.

I mean, have you seen Dov Charney? I know you have since he loves putting his greasy mug in front of any camera that comes within a five-mile radius of him, but here is a reminder nonetheless:


I know, I know. I'm sorry for subjecting you to that.

Point is, here is a photo from their intranet, reminding employees the American Apparel policy on eye wear:


(photo via Gawker)

"Up-to-date eyewear is a must?" Dov is messing with us, obviously. That or he can't read, which frankly wouldn't be that much of a shocker.

So I stand by my theory that American Apparel is just messing with our heads. I'm pretty sure that they'll go away soon, and take their pervy ads with them.

Oh, and they can take Terry Richardson with them. Good riddance.