Fait Accompli: On Life Lists


I wasn't going to post my life list online because, well,  everyone is doing one these days. It's really in danger of becoming just another internet meme. But the truth is that I've always made life lists -- I don't always write them down, and I certainly haven't always had a little slice of the internet to post them to, but I've always had a running to-do list for my life.

I make lists because I've always instinctively believed that if I plan on something it's more likely to happen. I don't think it happens because of magic -- I just think that when you know what you want out of life, you live your life in a way that makes what you want possible.

It makes sense to me, anyways.

For instance, I once was a psychobiology major. Until one day, when I decided that what I wanted to do in life was to work in marketing in the cosmetics industry, organic chemistry coursework be damned. So instead of studying for the MCAT or looking for work in a lab what I did a few weeks after graduation is open up the classifieds (the classifieds! That's a vintage story right there!) and look for a job in the beauty industry. Sure enough, there was a want ad for a cosmetics company. They were only looking for an assistant, but still. I applied, got the job, and within six months I was working in marketing. And the item got checked off the list.

I've also wanted to dance with Madonna. Live in Europe. Get a master's degree on a full-tuition fellowship. Ride a camel through the Sahara desert. Fanciful things all, and all things that have been accomplished.

Did it hurt that they were on a list? I don't think so.

So, to this list I'm posting online: I'm posting not only because I was inspired by John Goddard and countless
others, but because lately the internet has made
completing things on my life list infinitely more feasible.

The list is a dynamic thing. I will be adding things as they occur to me. But for now, here is what I want to get done before I go:

My Life List