My Life List

An running to-do list for my life. More here.

  1. learn to speak German

  2. volunteer to teach English to adults

  3. take belly dancing lessons

  4. travel to Greece

  5. define my personal sense of style

  6. own and ride a city bike

  7. become an early bird (wake up at 6 am every day)

  8. paint my nails black

  9. make pasta from scratch

  10. make cheese from scratch

  11. create a signature cocktail

  12. submit a book proposal

  13. sell an article to Vogue or Vanity Fair. (Or both! Why not?)

  14. finish c25K

  15. do 10 push ups

  16. get 10 hours of sleep a night for 10 nights in a row

  17. throw a cocktail party with fancy drinks and retro appetizers (pigs in a blanket, cheese balls, etc..)

  18. learn how to use my DSLR

  19. throw a dinner party every other week for three months

  20. spend a weekend at Canyon Ranch

  21. take cooking lessons in France

  22. take pastry-making lessons

  23. work in the fashion industry

  24. go to Stonehenge

  25. shop the Paris flea market

  26. take singing lessons

  27. own a spa

  28. decorate my home and make it a reflection of who I am

  29. make photobooks for each of my three children

  30. donate my hair to locks of love

  31. walk the great wall of China

  32. visit the pyramids of Giza

  33. go on an African safari

  34. go on a mule ride in the Grand Canyon

  35. create a garden hideaway

  36. teach my boys Spanish

  37. go a psychic

  38. knit a scarf

  39. cut my hair short

  40. swim with dolphins

  41. own a beach house

  42. learn to sew

  43. go to Rapa Nui national park and touch the moai monoliths

  44. learn to parallel park (I know, I know)

  45. create a signature perfume

  46. make paper

  47. play matchmaker to a couple that ends up getting married

  48. write a children's book about being brave

  49. Take a US style road trip through Europe with my family

  50. Make a living doing things I love

  51. TBC...