Throwing a Girl's Night In ... with a little help from Nintendo and Netflix

I was talking with my girlfriend the other day and I was complaining about the fact that I never get to go to the movies to watch so-called chick flicks. Date night is fraught with so much negotiation -- after hiring a sitter, getting all dressed up and actually leaving the house with my husband (never mind the outrageous cost of a sitter) we feel like we have to make the most of the night, so we rarely go to the movies and when we do we watch something that we both agree on. So I'm pathetically behind on silly, bubbly and girlishly entertaining movies.

I was craving a romantic comedy something fierce, you guys.

"What we need," I said, "is for someone to host a movie night at home."

Little did I know that "someone" would turn out to be me.


Not a week had passed when I got an email from Nintendo asking if I'd like to host a small get together at my house to celebrate their new partnership with Netflix


I said sure, as long as it could be a Girl's Night In! It would be perfect: The husbands could stay home with the kids, and my girlfriends would come over for a casual evening of food, cocktails and conversation. 

The girly movies and Wii games wouldn't hurt, either.

(How can you not love it?)

The beauty of throwing a Girl's Night In is that it's a casual and comfortable evening by design -- feeding your girlfriends, serving them booze and letting them enjoy a night off from family responsibilities so that everyone can catch up is pretty much the best excuse for a party I can think of.

How did I do it?


First, I pushed the coffee table aside (you need room to play the Wii) and set up a little shrine to
the most classic of chick flicks -- Breakfast at Tiffany's -- on top of
the boys' train table.

(Apologies to Thomas and friends, who were
unceremoniously dumped in the basement.)

My Breakfast at Tiffany's poster was in Italian, so I asked Nintendo to order food from the local Italian joint. It was delicious and easy -- a "mess" of pasta, salad, garlic bread.

Since all I had to do to feed 10 people was open the door for the delivery man, I made some mini-bundt cakes for dessert. But I forgot to take pictures of them.

Then it was time to lay out the snacks. Nintendo provided us with movie candy and popcorn, a great and inexpensive way to reinforce the Movie Night theme -- my grocery store had boxes of Raisinets and Dots on sale for a $1.00. I'm going to try to remember to stop by the grocery store before I pay almost $4.00 for a box of Raisinets at the movies. Never again!


Now, woman does not live on Junior Mints and bread alone, so a drinks table was necessary:


To keep with the Italian theme I had San Pellegrino and Prossecco at the ready, as well as white and red wine. But it turns out they weren't necessary, because everyone loves a stiff cocktail. I made a couple of pitchers of Cape Codders since we live in New England, and it is summer, so it felt appropriate.

Also, vodka.


When it came time to choose the movie, I was sad to see that Breakfast at Tiffany's wasn't available for streaming on the Wii. Yet. So I chose Amelie, because I thought it would make a great background movie -- what with the Parisian whimsy and the accordion music and the general je ne sais quoi that French movies have.

I had to laugh when one of my friends said, "Amelie? But it has subtitles!"

Exactly. I wanted everyone to eat and mingle. And that's exactly what they did.

 DSC_0112 DSC_0113  DSC_0114 DSC_0111

You know what happens when you get bloggers in a room with people that don't blog? The talk turns to Twitter. That last photo is Tania of Chicky Chicky Baby, explaining Twitter to some of my non-blogging friends. It's a hard thing to explain, really, and she did a great job. I kept my mouth shut, because how do you explain it? Instead I kept refilling Cape Codders for people.

Eventually we did get down to playing games -- we tried out the Wii Fit, and after one of my friends scored an amazing SIX YEARS YOUNGER on her fitness test even after consuming a couple of Cape Codders, I was forced to reveal that my sober Wii Fit age is an embarrassing 52 years old. 


FIFTY TWO. I wish I was kidding.

I am thirty three years old people! I swear that's what it says on my birth certificate, but the Wii? It is mean to me. So eventually I stopped playing Tetris and Marching Band and ultimate Hula Hoop, and I let the other girls play.

They are better at it than I am, by far.


(Erin of Ladybug's Picnic kicks it up a notch! If only we had a Jazzercise game!)

We did eventually settle on a movie, Notting Hill, and the conversation went to Hugh Grant's gigantic head and Julia Robert's enduring gorgeousness.


You know, the usual.

At the end of the night, everyone was sent home with a Nintendo points card of their very own and nail polish to continue the pampering at home (thanks again, Nintendo!)


One of my friends, Cindy from Isis Parenting, was gracious enough to
bring even more girly goodies -- sweet-smelling lotions and creams for
the mamas in the room. (Um, that would be everyone!)


Thanks to Nintendo and Netflix for giving a group of Boston Mamas a fabulous night in...and to the girls that made the night such a blast! I'm still enjoying all the goodies and wine you brought us!

Disclosure: As an official Nintendo Enthusiast I've received a Wii Fit Plus from Nintendo. To host this party I received a three month Netflix subscription, as well as all food for the party. In addition, Nintendo also sent me Nintendo point cards and pedicure supplies for all my guests. I was not compensated for this post, and was under no obligation to write it. But the party was fun, and I wanted to thank the people at Nintendo for the fun night!