New Obsession: Vintage Phones

I don't know where this new obsession came from, but I currently want ,nay, I NEED an old phone.


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I love my iPhone in a manner that can conservatively be described as obscene. My laptop is amazing. But I still bought a typewriter. There's something about well-made things that are built to last that really inspire me. I'm just not a fan of our disposable culture. I'd like to have a little talking to with whatever consultant came up with the concept of planned obsolescence.

From One Kings Lane

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One Kings Lane_1278814511756


One Kings Lane_1278814650278

One Kings Lane_1278814627525 

I wonder if owning one of these babies would get me over my hatred of talking on the phone? I remember when we had a rotary dial phone -- I couldn't wait to get one of those fancy touch-tone thingies. And now we have smartphones! As great as they are, I do miss twirling my finger on the phone cord while I chatted the hours away with a friend.