Wall Pops!

A few weeks ago, the people at Wall Pops! asked me if I wanted to try their product. They make those gigantic decals you can peel and stick to liven up your walls. I've always been curious about those things, but I never bought any because I was nervous about trying them -- how difficult would they be to use? Are they really removable? And how big are those things anyways? In other words, would I have to buy a gazillion packs to actually make an impact?

Then I realized that our basement playroom is pathetically bare and in need of a pick-me-up. So I asked them if they made any products for kids. They said sure, and that's how Riley the Giraffe ended up moving in with us.


That's only one pack of decals -- not bad, huh?

(My apologies for the bad lighting...note the tiny basement windows!)

As for my other two concerns -- the decals are extremely easy to use. I created the scene above in 10 minutes; that includes having to peel and reapply the larger giraffe. (Three times.)

(I wanted it to be straight. My standards obviously relaxed by the time I worked on the second.)

Which brings me to yes, the decals are in fact removable. They left no residue on my walls. With this particular design, the horn-like things on Riley the Giraffe's head (Google tells me they're called 'ossicones' -- how's that for some trivia!) tore a bit as I kept peeling them off the walls, but in the end you can't even tell. See?