Life List Update: Learning German

The first item on my randomly-ordered life list just happens to be "learn to speak German." This shouldn't surprise you if you know anything at all about me and my family -- after all, we go to Austria almost yearly since we have strong family connections to the place.

Also? It's a beautiful country, decadent and imperial and that's the way things have always been. People dress up every day. It's my kind of place.

Of course, the delicious pastries and coffee don't hurt.


I'm also ashamed to admit that my husband speaks five languages, so I kind of owe him since he speaks my native language (Spanish) as well as English.

Long story short: I need to learn German. I want to learn German. And now, I'm going to learn German.

I've explained my theory on life lists here, so please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way.  I don't think there's anything particularly magical about writing down your life list. However, no sooner had I written my life list (but had yet to post it online) that I received a message from Rosetta Stone asking me if I'd like to try out their new TOTALe language course for three months.

Um, would I? YES PLEASE.

A few days later, my course kit arrived:


It's set up so you do most of the work online, (perfect for someone who's constantly on the internet *ahem*) and it looks like you can schedule time to actually (or rather, virtually) spend time in a classroom with an instructor and other students. How cool is that?

I'd like to thank Rosetta Stone for the opportunity to cross one more thing off my life list.

I'll keep you posted on my learning adventure. For now, I have some homework to do!

As Heidi Klum would say (I think): Auf Wiedersehen, meine leiben!

I don't work for Rosetta Stone. I received a complimentary three-month subscription to Rosetta Stone TOTALe under these terms. I am under no obligation to post about my experience. (But honestly, how could I not?)