NeuLash for brows - I like it!

DSC_0080I'm sure you guys probably thought I was exaggerating when I told you about my brow obsession. Guess what? I wasn't exaggerating -- not about the bad brow job and not about my obsession.

I already explained how I now use stencils to shape my own brows, but I didn't tell you which lash conditioner I used to get my brows to grow back. I didn't mean to be coy, I just forgot. Sorry!

Anyways, back when I was pregnant the people at NeuLash sent me a sample of their product -- but not after answering a million questions from me about its safety.

I decided to wait until I gave birth to use it, just to be safe. Then I had the baby, but I was still a little afraid to use it near my eyes. (Never mind the fact that I wear both mascara and eyeliner...something about lash-growing products being applied so close to my precious eyes just makes me nervous.)

And then the brow tech killed my brows. And I was desperate. And then I remembered the bottle of NeuLash in my cosmetics closet. And I gave it a shot. And I was pleased.

I wish I had done a controlled experiment so I could show you how it works on one side versus an untreated side, but I didn't. I do know that my brows take forever to grow in, and this seems to speed up the process. I can't guarantee it, but I believe it did.

Have you ever used one of these lash conditioners on your actual lashes? Did they work?