Hair desire

In my wildest dreams, I cut my hair in a bob and it ends up looking like this:




I'm pretty sure Dara Werbowy  is wearing a wig in those photos, but how do you explain Marion Cotillard in July's Vogue? I can't get that hair out of my mind.



There is technically very little keeping me from that hair (oh, about five inches or so) but I know that looking like that takes more sultriness than I'm able to muster right now.

(It also requires elegant clothes and photographers bearing flattering lights but this is a dream, so let's not spoil it by thinking too hard.)

I also know what my hair looks like in a bob if I don't style it. It's straight and simple, which makes me look like a soccer mom. At least when it's long I can pretend it's sexy. Rawr.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go pick up my kid at soccer camp.