Old Yellow

It's the oldest trick in the book: The farther away it is from your face, the brighter the color can be.

Bright colors are an easy way to brighten up your outfit as well as your day. Basic t-shirt and jeans become something special when paired with bright (and I mean bright) yellow heels and a purse. I can't tell you how many smiles I got today while running errands.

I don't usually wear yellow, but when I saw the purse while on vacation in Miami I was instantly smitten. Maybe it was the relentless salsa music? One too many mojitos? Heatstroke? I didn't think about it too much, for who am I to get in the way of true love?

And then, a couple of days later, I found the shoes at NM Last Call. What are the chances? I don't believe in coincidences; it was meant to be.

I'm not the type to match my purse to my shoes (maybe we can blame it on Mad Men?) but I'm so happy I found them both. I think they make a happy pair.