Lovely Things: Talk To The Turtle


I had a serious health scare last month. It wasn't fun. These things never are.

I'm 100% fine now, but at the time (the time being the entire month of July) I was subjected to many medical tests and there was a lot of uncertainty and fear as each test discovered something new that could or could not be A Serious Problem.

Needless to say, I was a wreck.

So when I received a short email from Rena Campbell about her feng-shui inspired jewelry line called Talk To The Turtle I was just about ready to delete her message when, for whatever reason, I clicked on the link.

(I remember when the eccentric new boss at one of my old jobs had the entire office rearranged according to feng shui principles as soon as he arrived from his post in Asia. I remember that they put a fish tank in the lobby and that they moved the furniture around, but I'm sure nothing was done about jewelry. I know tragically little about feng-shui but I was curious about what Rena's jewelry had to do with it.)

The first thing I noticed is that right at the center of the header picture was a charm with the word "Health" -- health had been on my mind, of course, so I read on. I read Rena's story and when I saw that her own health problems inspired her to start her company I decided to accept her offer for a free piece of jewelry.

I was about to ask for a "health" charm -- after all,  my health was on my mind, but then I read this: "Choose the possibility...pick the path that you most desire."

I realized that what I most desired wasn't health. It was Joy.

No matter what my health outcome would be, I knew that utlimately could do very little to control it. But as hokey as it sounds I knew I could choose Joy (trust me, I want to roll my eyes at this too, but it's true).  I didn't believe for a second that a piece of jewelry would give me joy, but I figured a little daily reminder wouldn't hurt.

So I wrote Rena and asked for Joy.

It was at my house in two days and has been with me ever since. Thank you, Rena. Your jewelry is lovely. What a touching gift.