iVillage: The Right Way to Pop a Zit

You know you're not supposed to pop your zits, right?

But you do it anyways.

It's SO satisfying.

I loved writing this for iVillage, because I got the creator of Proactiv to give me clever tips on dealing with zits (Afrin? Who knew!) and I got to teach the internet my zit popping technique. Enjoy!

The Right Way to Pop a Zit - iVillage

Here's some good advice: If you get a pimple, it's best to leave it alone. Squeezing a pimple can worsen the problem, forcing sebum and bacteria deeper into the skin -- leaving you with a zit angrier and redder than your original one. And if you're particularly vigorous at picking at your zits you risk damaging the skin, which can potentially leave you with scars.

The first step in deciding what to do about a zit is to evaluate it to see if it is truly ready to pop.