What to do after your waxing appointment

I honestly thought I'd said everything I have to say about waxing, especially about waxing the hair down there, but I believe I neglected to tell you about what to do after the waxing is done.

Here's a hint: You still have to take care of business.


I'm not going to lie -- waxing, especially your first time -- will hurt. But if you keep hair growth to a minimum between appointments I promise that subsequent visits will be practically pain free.

Sounds easy? It is...as long as you can afford to go to the salon every three weeks.

(What's that sound you hear? Oh, that's just the sound of cash registers clanging open -- KACHING!)

A little maintenance here and there is well worth it, let me tell you. It pays off in cash and in pain management.

One trick is to exfoliate in the few days after your waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. I use the Bliss pads, but there are tons of similar products out there. Tend Skin is popular and not nearly as pricey, but has different ingredients than my beloved Bliss pads. Nad's has a product for ingrown hair that also has salicylic acid. Pick your favorite. They all work in similar ways -- they exfoliate the skin so that the growing hair doesn't get trapped under a clogged pore.

The other thing you can do is to try and slow down hair growth. I was sceptical about those lotions that promise to stop hair from growing, so when CompletelyBare offered me their CompletelySmooth lotion I just had to try.

I mean, come on. Right?

I'll come right out and admit this: I did not follow the directions (to apply twice a day!) and simply applied the product whenever I remembered (which ended up being every few days) and it could have been the summer heat or my innate laziness, but I'm telling you -- the hair has come in in uneven patches.

That's pretty good, I think.

I've tried it on my legs (I shave my legs, not wax them) and the result wasn't nearly as impressive. It's a decent moisturizer, so I continue to use it there as just that, but I didn't really see a big difference.

But in areas that I wax? Excellent.