Cheap Trick: Bookmarks as Gift Tags

Birthday party season is here. This means I'm at the toy store weekly, buying toys and gifts for all the little people in our life.

Our local toy store offers complimentary gift wrapping, which is nice and one of the many reasons I like to shop locally, but I always found myself spending a couple of extra bucks on gift cards.

That annoyed me.

Paying that much for a little square of paper felt like a ripoff, but I usually paid up. It was that or scribble the birthday child's name unceremoniously on the wrapping paper.

Not very festive, I'm afraid.

I considered buying stickers for the gifts, but the ones I like were too expensive. So I went to my favorite cheap printers looking for a way to make stickers when I saw how ridiculously inexpensive it was to make bookmarks. And then it hit me: Bookmarks as gift tags! Perfect for kids who are sentimental (like one of mine is) because the birthday child can keep it as a memento. And if you're giving a book (which we often do) what could be more perfect?

Nothing, that's what.

So I made custom bookmarks with stock illustrations to represent our sons plus the inscription "To: (blank) With Love, The (your last name) Family." You could use a family photo instead. We can't get a decent photo with all of us, but maybe your kids are more cooperative than mine.

The end result is super cute, and thanks to a coupon I spent about $8 for 100 bookmarks. They should last through the end of the school year.


I intended for these to be used for children's gifts, but I've been known to tie these around the odd wine bottle. No one seems to mind.