My Mighty Summit Swag



I'm on a plane on the way home from the Mighty Summit. I didn't sleep last night (literally...I was up at 4:30 am) so this will be short. Please forgive me. I also don't have pictures, because I left my camera at home.

So what's the point? It's just that wanted to share what I got to bring home with me from this weekend, because I've got to tell someone and, well, you're it.

So here it is:


1. A bunch of fabulous new female friends that proved to me what I always suspected -- that there is strength in kindness, and that ambition can coexist with collaboration.

2. A reason to go to Indiana. (Hello, roomie! You are sooo cute.)

3. A bellyache from all the laughing.These ladies are funny, y'all.

4. Apparently, I also picked up a southern accent. (What?)

5. A peek into some seriously fascinating lives.

6. I learned that I can survive without the internet. It was hard, but I did it!

7. We all got the freedom to be vulnerable and give voice to our dreams. And just as importantly, the freedom to dream as little or as big as we dare.

8. Power: The power that comes from women coming together to find concrete ways to make each other's dreams a reality. Nothing is more empowering than telling someone, "I can help you with that." I got to do that a couple of times. It was awesome. Talk about getting drunk with power.

9. A life lesson: You get what you ask for, so ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. And be specific.

My plane is about to land. More tomorrow. I missed you all, but it's time to get home and kiss my babies.