White Towels

When we got married I registered for sheets and towels like all good little brides do. I thought it was the least overwhelming part of the whole registry, but I ended up making a regrettable mistake: I asked for colored linens.

There was one particular set of towels, they were sage colored, that we ended up returning four times. Four! The color would come off whenever we used them, so we would go back to the store, they'd take them back, and we would exchange them for the same towels, IN THE SAME COLOR.

We did this four times.

I still have those towels. They look like we spilled bleach on them. I should have just bought white ones.

Have you noticed how hotels and spas always have white towels and linens? There's a good reason for that. Wrapping yourself up in a fluffy white towel, or curling up for the night on an all-white bed is incredibly luxurious. There's also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are no stains lurking in a dark patterned sheet. What you see is (mostly) what you get.

But the best part is that keeping whites white is much easier than trying to keep colored linens looking decent.

Crisp white sheets, clean white towels. An easy way to luxuriate at home.