These Are Not Your Grandmother's Underpants: The Rise of the Granny Panty

This will come as a surprise to exactly no one: I'm not a fan of the thong.

So of course, I wrote an ode to the fall of the thong for Blogher Style.

Have you heard? Thong underwear is dead! (Oh please, please let it be true!)

Can you imagine a world without whale tails? I think that would be a wonderful world to live in, but the demise of the thong has been greatly exaggerated for years now. I'm not about to get my hopes up just yet.

Of course, the demise of one type of undergarment calls for the rise of another -- and people who think about these things have decided that the new new thing is actually an old thing. (Strange, because this never happens in fashion.) The new old thing is (are you ready for this?): Granny panties.

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