1/1/11 -- What I want this year

Instead of making resolutions -- it's not like I need to make any, what with the whole life list and everything -- this year I want to focus on one thing. There's one word that keeps popping up when I think about what I want for 2011, and it is energy.

I want to work on getting more energy. I've been too tired the past few years. There's so many things I want to do, but I lack the energy to do them.

I know that there is only so much I can do to get more energy. I can't change the fact that my kids are little, and that they are boys, and that there are three of them. But I can do more of the things that give me energy. Do you know what I mean? There are things that drag you down, and there are things that recharge you. I'm going to do more of the things that energize me.

For me, that means:

1. Exercise in the morning -- I have to exercise before breakfast, or it's not happening. On the days I manage to do it, I feel so good I don't even need coffee. That's good stuff.

2. Spend more time with friends -- it's hard to make the time, but I never regret seeing people face to face. I'll just keep on doing that.

3. Spend time alone -- I guess this makes me an introvert, but I need to have quiet alone time or I go crazy. This is even harder to do than spending time with friends.

4. Sleep more -- duh.

5. Eat less junk -- I'm pretty good, but I notice that when I get too much processed food at once I feel like a sloth

6. Yoga -- I haven't done yoga in months, and boy do I miss it! 

What about you? What energizes you?