The Search For Energy Update: Vitamins!


This year I am working on getting more energy. When I wrote about it on New Year's Day a few of you mentioned supplements. And then I smacked my forehead, because of course! Vitamins! 

I've bought these multivitamins from Rainbow Light in the past because they're completely food-based and at the time, I was trying to get pregnant. I remember getting a "kick" of energy as a side effect -- exactly what I'm looking for. So I went to the grocery store and bought a 30-day supply. 

Yep. The kick's still there. 

These vitamins aren't perfect: You have to take three huge pills and they make your pee the color of Mountain Dew. But they've given me enough of a kick to head back to the gym. And I'm thrilled about that. My energy journey is off to a great start!

(I found them at Amazon for a lot less than I paid at my yuppie grocery store. Grrr)