My Three Sons

(Originally published May, 2009)

It's official: I'm a mom of boys!

I wasn't the least bit surprised when the ultrasound clearly showed the extra appendage that made it official. Three boys. Wow. Most days I'm pretty sure I can handle it, but then I have a day like yesterday -- when the two year old lodged a Lego up his nose (yes, really - and yes, it was bloody), was run over by the eight year-old neighbor driving a 4X4 power wheel and both boys insisted they were still hungry. At 9:00 PM.  After dinner and a snack.

I may need to go back to work just to pay for the extra groceries.

Then again, I've already trained the boys to always put the toilet seat down AND to wipe the toilet after each use. A sticky toilet is a crime punishable by ... well, I've never actually told them, but they're clever enough not to leave evidence behind and find out.

I may have this boy parenting thing down.