{Sponsored Post} Making it Cozy with Beautiful Rugs


All photos are supplied by this post's sponsor Merida -- a fabulous New England maker of natural fiber rugs. Their rugs are beautiful, luxurious and eco-friendly but the reason I love them is that they make most of their products right outside of Boston! Since their plant is right in Fall River, having a custom rug woven for you is no problem at all. In fact, you could even go to the plant to see where your rug is being made. How cool is that? Very. 

Have you heard? It's FREEZING up here in Boston. I hate walking on the cold hardwood, but I don't like wall-to-wall carpeting in my house. I'm really picky about germs and all the chemicals you usually find in conventional carpeting. But you know what I really don't like? The feel of hardwood when it's 2 degrees out. Like it was this morning. So I'm looking for nice large area rugs to warm up the house both literally and visually.

Lately, I've been inspired by all things cozy. Like, say, sweaters.  This beauty below is from the Merida Sweater Rug collection: 

Coil in Ivory from the Sweater Collection

Very, very nice. I especially like the Purl pattern. I think it would be lovely to step on first thing on these cold winter mornings. 

The Broadway Sisal isn't made locally (it's made in Belgium, so not too shabby) but I'm in love with the pattern and it would be perfect in my entry foyer. It adds texture with its classic pattern and the sisal will grab on to any dirt visitors track from outside. Beautiful and practical!


Speaking of pattern, I love the pattern on the Viewpoint rug below. It ties in the wall color, the green from the houseplants (it's amazing how a simple little plant adds so much life to a room) and the white from the floor. The optical pattern keeps the simple room from looking washed out. 


We spend so much time picking out furniture and paint when decorating that flooring ends up being an afterthought, but that's a mistake. Aside from keeping your feet warm, the right rug can really make the difference between a so-so room and one that pops!