Creativity is born out of limitation: This post is not just about a parking garage

I never thought I'd write about a parking garage, but here I am.

Take a look at 1111 Lincoln Road:



Isn't it beautiful? And it's "just" a parking lot.

I love things that are beautiful, period. But when everyday things are beautiful, just for beauty's sake? That is downright thrilling.

I love that something as pedestrian as a parking lot is one of Miami Beach's hottest wedding venues. (And why not? Look at the views!) 



Sure, it's the most expensive parking lot in a city of expensive parking lots. It's probably not the cheapest wedding venue. But you know what? Someone took a risk by putting a lot of money to make something spectacular that didn't need to be -- there is never enough parking in Miami Beach, the developer was going to make money regardless of what the parking lot looked like -- and now he's created an Experience. Fabulous!

While I was reading about the project, I was struck by this:

Quirky zoning regulations in the city, which is chronically short on parking, made it profitable to build a large garage — not everyone’s vision of a grand gateway to the retail and restaurant-filled streets that surround the site.

I've been thinking about this lately -- about how creativity is born out of limitation. Some of my best ideas have come out of obstacles. When everything is going smoothly, I can't create. But when something goes wrong, when I am forced to go to plan B -- well, that's when the good stuff happens.

The unexpected, the bumps in the road; they are gifts. 

Does the same thing happen to you?