Boy Genius: The LEGO problem -- organization (pt. 2)

{image from box4blox}

Ah, LEGO. Most parents have a love/hate relationship with the things. On one hand, they’re undeniable awesome. On the other, keeping track of them, cleaning them up, sorting them, (often multiple times a day) can be a major source of headaches.

We call this the LEGO problem.

(check out pt. 1 and pt. 3)

One of the first things you'll notice as your child's LEGO collection grows is that they have a way of multiplying like a wet Gremlin and before you know it your house is overrun in little plastic bricks.

This annoys me very much.

Since my boys are young (5 and under) we use a simple solution -- the Box4Blox sorter. (It's pictured above and  they have it at Amazon.) Our collection isn't that big (yet) so the fact that it sorts and stores the LEGO in one step is perfect for us.

But what if your kid's collection is big? Like, really big?

Here are some clever solutions.

I love this homemade LEGO table made with IKEA organizers:

Christmas LEGO Table

Click through to Flickr to see how rb3wreath did it. It's a marriage of my favorite Danish and Swedish companies!

A genius way to organize your bricks is stack them together, but in a way that makes them easy to separate. Read how at Evil Mad Scientist. (They have tons of pictures!)

Small Parts

By oskay on Flickr

You can buy utility drawers that almost blend in with your decor:

The Setup

by _ltwp on Flickr

I saw this video and feared for my future:

by dklimke on Flickr

I can totally see how LEGOs can take over your house and spill over to the garage.

So tell us: How do you organize your LEGO?