10 on 10/10/10 Update: Shorter and Better than Ever!

So. My long hair. Remember it?

Photo 184



Photo 178


I was a wee bit nervous about donating my hair. I've wanted to do it for years, so when the day finally came I felt like I was like a live wire, all nerves and frizz. Like most things on my life list, I found that I did too much worrying and planning instead of just booking an appointment. In the end it was easier than I expected, and I felt so accomplished afterwards and all I had to do was not get a haircut for a while and then sit in a nice salon while they pampered me. It doesn't even feel like you're being generous, because there's no sacrifice involved. 

I decided to donate to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program because they only require 8 inches of hair and I didn't want to come up short. (Sorry, couldn't help myself) Turns out, I didn't have to worry: One good thing that came from waiting is that I had enough hair to get two 10 inch ponytails and still leave my hair long enough to have styling options.  


There goes about a year and a half of hair growth. I feel so naked!

Boston ladies, I got my hair cut at The Parlor in Wellesley - the staff couldn't be nicer. I am a stickler for customer service and this salon delivers. Shirley cut my hair, and I loved her! Thanks Erin for the recommendation!

So, back to my hair.

Shirley took a look at my inspiration pictures and declared the Marion Cotillard bob to be too short for me -- she thought that I would feel restricted by the limited styling options of her shorter cut. She loved my photo of the Shirley Manson cut and the Anne Hathaway style. So she cut my hair to a length that can do both styles. In other words, I got two haircuts for the price of one! They spent about an hour styling my hair in retro waves like Anne Hathaway's in my inspiration picture just because. Loved those girls!

Here is the requisite picture taken at the hair salon bathroom:


I'm including this shot because it's hilarious. Don't I look positively beatific here? No one ever tells you that being altruistic makes you glow. 

(Don't worry, despite what the picture would lead you to believe, I only have two arms. But I kind of like how the mirror makes me look many-limbed, like an Hindu goddess. And this is where I stop it with the religious imagery. You're welcome.)

When I got home I got to play a bit with the hair and I couldn't resist brushing out the curls to see what else I could do with my new hair. 




I think my new short hair is going to be fun! I'm thrilled with it!

If you've ever thought about going shorter, and especially about donating your hair I say go for it! It's the easiest rush you'll ever get.