Making it big as a small blog: Be exquisite!

(This ad always reminds me of Maggie's tagline - she isn't a small blogger but is always exquisite)

When your blog is small (let's not forget that small is relative, by the way) you may be tempted to not do your very best because, well, few are watching, so who cares?

This is, quite obviously, a mistake.

When you are a small blog, you have to be exquisite. I don't mean that you have to be precious or fit a certain mold.

I mean that you have to be exquisitely you.



a: marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution


I model my small blog on luxury brands. Now, before you roll your eyes take a second and think about what luxury brands do: They make exquisite products for very few people.

But the key is that they put a lot of effort into pleasing their small audience because these are the right people for them.

A lot of these luxury brands are only known by the people who can actually buy them. That's their strategy, and they've survived for centuries this way. Others are famous for their exclusivity and sell perfume and sunglasses to the rest of us. They're not doing so bad either.

When a blogger focuses on pleasing their audience, no matter how small, they can't help but enjoy themselves as long as they have the right audience for them.

You need to know who you're writing for. Sometimes, the only person you are writing for is yourself. That's good enough reason to work hard to please your audience.

Always be exquisite. You never know who's watching.

{An occasional series based on my experience making a living while blogging small}