Breakfast and Lunch

Sometimes you have to force the pleasurable moments into your life. Otherwise they never happen, and that would be terrible.

The other morning was typically hectic for me. Running out of the house without breakfast, rushing to school drop offs and speech therapy appointments, know the drill. Before I knew it was 11 and I had yet to have breakfast.

As we drove past my favorite sweet little tea shop I caught myself thinking, "I wish I was the kind of woman that could have tea on a Thursday morning." Then my stomach growled.

I had an hour before the next school pickup. So I could technically grab a quick tea and go. But I had the two year old with me. And it was almost lunchtime. Maybe I should grab a quick lunch instead.

I stopped.

I meant to order a tea to go, but Matti wanted a scone. And then they made a mistake and gave met full tea service -- with a real mug and everything.

I took it as a sign.

I sat down and had my tea and scones. It was amazing, and only took 20 minutes -- 20 minutes I would have spent parked in front of the school, waiting and feeling like a slave to short school days and traffic.

And just like that, I became the kind of woman that has tea and scones on a Thursday morning.

Later in the day, after more hectic stuff -- youknowhowitis -- I was at Bertucci's alone with all three boys. It was 5 pm, and the restaurant was filled with other mothers like me, dining alone with multiple kids -- never a pleasurable experience.

I still had the memory of the time I had carved out for myself, so instead of feeling trapped in a hell of kid's menus and crayons (OMG) I just watched the craziness unfold and enjoyed it for what it was.

The waiter wasn't nearly as lucky, since he had to clean up.

I tipped well.