Boy Genius! Audrey from Mom Generations

Our first Boy Genius! is Audrey McClelland, fashion expert at Mom Generations and super mom of four boys. She graciously shares with us her tips for living with boys --  in her case four under the age of 5!

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Thank you Audrey!

My best tip with raising boys is to not sweat the small stuff!  I know this is easier said than done.  Before I had my boys, I was a worrywart.  I mean, a WORRY. WART.  I kind of think I always thought I would have girls... girls are delicate and quiet, boys are not.  When I had William and then Alexander and then Benjamin and then Henry... oh, mama mia... there's blocks and cars and dinosaurs and lightsabers and swords.  These are boys.  When the boys were 3 and under... I remember trying to keep the playroom as clean as can be.  I remember trying to quiet them down.  I remember I would say, "Boys, no wrestling!"  Then I realized... this is what it's like having sons.  You can't sweat the small stuff.  My house will not always be clean.  My house will not always (or ever) be quiet.  But these are the things I love and I crave and I need and I always want in my life!

There is too much in life to enjoy to sweat the small stuff in my life with my boys!