The Amazing Dress That Fits Every Body


I love wrap dresses (especially the ones by Diane von Furstenberg) with a fiery intensity that borders on obsession. Want to know why? Because a quality wrap dress is the perfect article of clothing: it's classy, comfortable, forgiving and always appropriate. If you own one already, you know what I mean. And if you don't -- well, you don't know what you're missing!

The iconic DVF wrap dress got its start when Diane von Furstenberg used a printed jersey knit fabric to combine a ballerina wrap top with a skirt. And therein lies the magic: jersey is soft and flexible, which makes the dress comfortable, prints camouflage any imperfections (the original dresses were made in animal prints which made them very sexy) and the dress is almost infinitely adjustable, so the same dress can be worn as you fluctuate sizes. Von Furstenberg herself told the Huffington Post that the dress looks better on women (as opposed to teenagers or fashion models): "I would say the wrap dress is better when you are a bit curvier."

But mostly? A wrap dress is as simple to wear as a bathrobe. Yes: a bathrobe. Is your bathrobe comfortable? Yes. Can you wear it everywhere without getting horrified looks from strangers and worried comments from friends and family? Probably not. But a wrap dress? It willl make you look like a million bucks, and it's just as easy to wear.

Genius, I tell you.

A DVF wrap dress will set you back around $300, so it's not exactly a bargain. However, I think the Julian in black for $298 is a wise investment in your wardrobe -- with the right accesories you could wear this dress to the office, to a wedding, to a dinner out...It's a classic that won't fail you, even if you go up or down a few sizes here and there.

Do you own a wrap dress? When do you wear it?

Part of this post ran originally on Blogher Style.