Spring Cleaning: Handwashing

You're going to think I'm crazy, but I love hand washing my clothes. It's true!

It's almost time to ditch the sweaters (goodbye and good riddance!) so that means that I'm prepping my woolens so that they can be stored until the fall. This used to mean a trip to the dry cleaners, but I have a passionate hatred for dry cleaning: It's expensive, bad for the environment and I just don't buy that my stuff is actually getting clean.

So what I do instead is hand wash everything. Yes, even the "dry-clean only" stuff.

I rarely washed clothes by hand because it used to take me forever and it made my sink a mess. I also didn't need another chore added to my list. But then I figured out a system and now I hand wash a bunch of clothes at a time, saving me precious goofing off time.

Instead of the sink, I wash everything in the tub. Yes, the tub.

That way I can actually wash a bunch of clothes instead of doing one sweater at a time.

I also buy a detergent that's actually pleasant to use. I'm currently using the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo by The Laundress. I like the scent, but I really love the packaging. It makes the task feel civilized.

The last item you'll need is a drying rack like like this - I just lay the heaviest sweaters on the mesh, put it in the tub when I'm done washing and pick up my clean and fluffy sweaters the very next day.