StriVectin-SD: A new favorite

I love this cream.

Love, love, love.

I've been using it for a week now and this is the rare instance where I can tell you that I have fallen in love with a product in such a short period of time. StriVectin-SD is not a moisturizer, but an anti-aging treatment. It's the kind of thing I've been avoiding because I'm only 34, so I didn't expect to need the big guns so soon -- but after using this product I can tell you that a line has been crossed. I'm now firmly in the "benefits from anti-aging products" camp.

So why do I love this cream so much? I've noticed that it makes my skin thicker -- in a good way. My skin feels stronger after I use it, less crinkly I guess. But the best part is that I haven't had any side effects. No irritation. No burning.

Just stronger-feeling skin.

I have ridiculous stretch marks on my belly (thanks, boys!) so I'm trying it out there as well. To be honest, I don't expect much, but it can't hurt. I'll report back if I see any changes, but as a night cream? I highly recommend StriVectin-SD.

Note: I received a sample of this product. As always, this is my editorial opinion and my review was not influenced by the fact that this was a sample -- except, I suppose, for the fact that I tried it in the first place. I do not work for StriVectin.

Also, I think I'll be buying this with my own money once my freebie runs out. Such is my love.