Around the blogosphere: Handwashing, Puberty, and Brotherhood

Image courtesy of Bitchin' Wives Club

Do you ever have a hard time getting your boys to wash their hands? Why is it so hard?

Amy from The Bitchin' Wives Club started leaving post-its for her three sons in an effort to get them to wash up. Did it work? I think you know the answer, but you should hear Amy tell it: Handwashing 101: FAIL


This post at Dadcentric has me both laughing and dreading the teens. I guess I forgot that someday we'll have to give our boys The Talk.




Kyran is a beautiful writer and the mother of three sons. This post had me nodding in agreement at how crazy it is to have three kids that are close in age and how sweet the future seems when your kids are close.

Maybe we're not so crazy after all.