Is Naming Boys Harder than Naming Girls?

I think so. And so does Jill from Scary Mommy

I don’t love my kids’ names. The most important decision you make for your children and I botched it before ever leaving the hospital. Go me!

Well, I do love Lily’s. Jeff and I wanted something feminine and timeless and pretty and the moment we found it, we knew. It’s more popular than I realized, but that’s alright. She’s fine.

It’s the boys. I mean, their names are fine. Nice, even. Just so much more boring than I ever imagined I’d have.

Go read the rest of her post and then tell me, can you relate?

I can. Three times over, to be exact. Picking names is hard, but I really think it's harder for boys -- at least when you're trying to find names that work in more than one language like we did. And when you have three of the same gender? Well, you've already gone over the same names twice -- it's not like you'll magically find a new name the third time around.

In the end I love all our boy's names, even if the road to naming them was hard. My sons are named Sebastian Alfred, Benjamin Lucas and Matthias Felix-- all masculine, non-gender neutral names that work in Spanish and German. Our sons are dual US/EU citizens, so their names need to reflect that reality.

I've written about the road to naming the boys on my personal blog -- the story behind each name is linked to below, if you're at all interested.




I'd love to know -- what are your son's names? Did you have a hard time naming them? Also -- just for fun, what are your girl's names? (Ours is Cecilia, though we haven't had the chance to use it.)