Bloggers and Gentlemen

I'm sure you've noticed the gentlemen bloggers, haven't you?

I'm loving the call to the best of old-school masculinity and I think these blogs are doing a great job at it. Everyday Treats is unabashedly female in focus but I do love my gentlemen. Maybe it's because I have sons?  In any case, these blogs are the yang to my yin -- it's all about balance!


This blog has been reviving the lost art of manliness since January 2008. It basically covers everything you need to be a man: From a workout to get you in good enough shape to catch a purse snatcher to a campaign to bring back the hat, this blog is so chock full of positively charming information you almost expect it to throw its coat on a puddle so you don't have to step on it.


Chris Cox is The Elegantologist, a man whose mission in blogging is the search for everyday elegance. In his words,
It is my intention to study what it means to lead an elegant life in today’s world and how we can cultivate an everyday elegance. But where do we start? What is available to us to study?

In other words, Chris and I are like twins -- except he writes from the perspective of a southern gentleman, and I'm not. But how I love to peek into his genteel world! This site is a gem.


By day, the pseudonymous "Conrad Banks" is a director at a hedge fund, but at night he and his wife are good old-fashioned party hosts. In other words, they're the very best kind of people. I imagine him like a male Elsa Maxwell.

I discovered "Conrad" when he me a lovely email introducing himself (and his site). I took a peek because who doesn't love a man that can throw a party? I knew he was my kind of guy when I read that in his opinion, what you need for a martini is "4 ounces of a high-quality gin (or, ugh, vodka)" - anyone who understands that a martini must be made with gin is all right in my book.

Do you read any gentlemen bloggers? Please share your favorites, I'm always looking for a good read!