Help me become a better blogger

I've taken a bit of an unscheduled vacation this week -- a little warning would have been nice I suppose. Sorry about that guys! It's been a little busy around here, my mom is visiting and I am right now in Seattle on a blogging-related trip (you will get more details soon, promise!) so I figured I might as well just declare the past week vacation. So, I was on vacation!

Lovely, right?

As with any good vacation I've had some time to think about this space and what I want to do with it. My goal is to explore how to live well every day -- its what inspires me in my own life and the topic I love to talk about the most. As I thought about this I realized that it only makes sense to include you (yes, YOU) in the process -- after all, if you weren't important to me I'd just keep my writing private and be done with it. But I publish it because I love hearing from you. So I'm asking you more formally, would you help me become a better blogger?

I've created a short survey on SurveyMonkey to make it easy for you to tell me what to do. What do you want from Everyday Treats? The survey is short and anonymous, so you can tell it to me like it is.

As a small token of gratitude I'll give away a basket of some of my favorite beauty products -- face masques, hair goodies, mascara and other things from companies I've befriended thanks to this blog to one lucky reader. If you want to enter just leave an email address at the end of the survey. PLEASE NOTE that this is entirely optional, you do not have to give me your address if you want to remain truly anonymous. I really just want to know what you honestly think.

Click here to take survey