An Indiana Jones Birthday Party! (part 2)

(Part 1 is here)

I was able to relax once I had the cake. I kept food simple -- as you know I like to take advantage of the "movie" part of the theme, so we had popcorn for the kids and sodas (with real sugar! as a nod to the sodas the parents drank when they saw Indiana Jones for the first time.)

(Man, we're old.)

Since Indiana Jones paper goods are practically non-existent, the tables were set with generic Happy Birthday table cloths.

(I apologize for the awful picture, but it was a rainy day. It was perfect in a way, because it made the family room look menacing and cave-like. Our very own temple of dooooom!)

I did find Indiana Jones paper hats. They were cheap ($0.50 for a pack of four), and that's a good thing, because they are tiny. But they did give the kids a few minutes of fun.

I used globes as centerpieces -- so perfectly simple, because our Indiana Jones-loving boy also loves globes, and we happened to have a few of them laying about the house.

You're probably wondering why there's an alligator at the top of this post. That's because there was an alligator in our playroom. And a boa constrictor, and a scorpion, and all kinds of frogs.

There was also a hairless rat. Ewww...

But boys? They love that. So I had a local animal education company come over and do a show for entertainment. Easy peasy, if a bit disturbing to willingly bring a rat into your basement.

(The rat was friendly. But I preferred the chinchilla.)

Tomorrow, I'll tell you what went into the goody bags -- and we'll be done!)

(Here it is, part 3!)