Catching Up

First of all, a big hearty THANK YOU to all of you that took part in my survey -- your responses all mean the world to me. I obviously enjoy blogging, but sometimes it feels like you're writing into a void. Hearing from all of you is not only incredibly helpful, but also endearing -- you guys sound like the type of people I'd invite over to my house for cocktails (but I won't serve you so much fish!)

(Only some of you will get that, but that's OK.)

I'm notifying the winner of the goodies by email right when I hit publish here -- I can't announce the winner since you're all anonymous -- but let's all please cross fingers that I won't be sending the box to one of your more exotic locales (you guys are spread out and I LOVE IT -- as you know we're a very international family -- but OMG the shipping costs! I may try to bribe you internationals with a gift card instead :)

I'm happy that you want keep exploring the topics I've been exploring, and I feel more comfortable letting you in into my little life. Which leads me to the "catching up" part of this post.

My little B. turned four years old this week and I think he's DONE. We had a little celebration at his favorite restaurant (Legal Seafoods, like the good Boston boy he is) and then we made a little fuss at home in his honor (that's the picture I used yesterday.) The following day I worked in his preschool and brought cupcakes for all the kids. So that was party #2. And then the FOLLOWING day we had the Big Indiana Jones Extravaganza at home, which I promise I will blog at Frog & Snail, and by then the kids was DONE.

"No more parties!" he's begged me. So I'm off the hook. Until next year.

I do need to tell you about my awesome time at Nintendo HQ. Pictures and stories are coming.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to tell you! Last night I noticed a lot of traffic coming from the #thesiswp twitter stream and I was incredibly flattered to see this tweet from Chris Pearson, who just happens to be the guy that created the Thesis Theme (the theme I used to design this site):

So yeah, I know this falls squarely into the bragging category, but WOW. All the time I spent tearing my hair out trying to figure out Wordpress on my own was worth it, you know?