Living Beautifully means Nesting Beautifully

image via Veer

We all deserve to live beautifully. As much as I defend and enjoy luxury, I don't believe that living beautifully is a luxury -- at least not in the conventional sense. I rather see it as a gift, the very best kind of all really, because it's a gift you give yourself.

Any gift-giver will tell you that the best gifts don't necessarily cost the most -- instead, they are the most thoughtful.

You don't need permission to give yourself a beautiful life. You don't need a reason, either.

But you do have to want it.

I don't think that wanting a beautiful life is selfish or frivolous. Beautiful surroundings bring you peace when your world is falling apart and make the happy moments that much more joyous.

I'm not telling you anything new. This why churches are grand and majestic and why we decorate for parties -- to enhance human enjoyment. To soothe the senses. To appease our emotions.

What if you put some thought into what makes you happy at home -- would that cost too much of your time?

Think about what brings you joy. It's not the same for everyone.  Is it a room full of books? Fresh flowers? Solitude? A busy kitchen? Or is it wine in the fridge and takeout on the table?

There's no right way to enjoy your time at home. But when you make it a point to surround yourself bravely and unapologetically with whatever it is you enjoy, you are guaranteeing yourself a beautiful life.

And that is the very best gift of all.