Quick Update: Where I've been, What I'm Reading


I'm still thinking out loud about defining your personal style -- but today is a little crazy in the personal life department, so I'll just give you a quick and dirty update of where I've been lately (on the internet only -- in real life I'm sitting in pediatric specialists' waiting rooms) and I'll confess to two of my latest internet obsessions.


1. Mighty Girl

If you've ever met Maggie Mason in person, then you will understand what I mean when I say she is a very persuasive girl. In fact, she not only convinced me to unpack in less than a week after my trip to New Orleans, she got me to photograph the process. That Maggie -- she can make anything sound like fun!

(I have yet to unpack from our trip to Arizona. Maybe I should take pictures too.)

Maggie is wondering if she should continue with her Packing Light and Mighty Closet series. (Um, YES.) Go on and tell her what you think.

(You think yes, by the way.)

2. The Working Closet

My friend Susan Wagner has impeccable taste, so I'm super-flattered that she included me in a roundup with some of the loveliest bloggers around. I won't say who, just check out her post and tell me if you're not inspired to add some oh la la to your life.


1. Modern Hepburn is my favorite Tumblr. Classy and elegant perfection in convenient visual form -- it's really inspiring.

2. What Kate Wore - I'm obsessed with Kate Midd-- er, Princess Catherine, and now you know.