How to define your personal style: Making it work

(I found this image on linked from here -- I hate not having the original source, if you know who made it let me know.)

So we've created our inspiration board and faced the best and worst in our closets. What next?
You've done all the work. Now, my friends comes the easy part.

Now we make it work.

Remember when we looked at our favorite clothing items? Are you destined for a lifetime of buying the same things over and over again? Not necessarily, unless that's what you want. I'm a big fan of having a daily uniform, just to make life simple -- but I also like to try different things, just to make life fun of course. Both things are important.

Also, don't forget the things you hate. What you learned from looking at them is important too.

The trick is to look at the recurring themes in the clothes you love (are they fitted? Soft? Crisp?) and the clothes you hate (are they too old/young for you? Are they too bright or dark?) and translate the general themes into your personal style guide.

Maybe you love a ton of soft T-shirts and hate a bunch of scratchy dresses. Why did you buy those dresses in the first place?

You probably needed them - maybe to wear to a wedding, or to work -- and put off buying them until you absolutely had to. Well, you now know that you like soft, drapey clothes -- why not look for a dress made of stretchy cotton or jersey? It doesn't have to be tight, but it should feel comfortable, like those T-shirts you love.

And don't forget to look at you inspiration board to remind you of what you want the clothes you buy to feel like. A dress can be sporty or glamorous or playful or formal -- the same can be said for any article of clothing.

What's your personal style? The answer to that question will save you a lot of time and money. It's worth it to figure it out and I hope I've helped you get started on that journey.

(Mine is elegant, easy and classic. I feel happiest when my clothes and home reflect that.)