Party People!

(Illustration by Ms. Helen Jane. I'm dying over how talented she is!)

Everyone loves a party.

Very few people throw them nowadays.

Therefore, those who host parties are loved by everyone.

(Tell me that's not true.)

I know that throwing a party (big or small) is intimidating at first, especially if you're out of practice. I get lazy too, so I know. That's why I love Helen Jane and her HJentertains blog and twitter feed. She reminds me that throwing a party isn't as hard as I feared and that it's as much fun as I hope.

And now! Helen Jane asked me a few questions about my party style, I answered them, and she has anointed me one of her Party People.

I feel like I've won the Nobel Prize in Fun. My work here is done.

Check out my interview, and let Helen Jane know if you're Party People too. I know you are!