Austria, At Last!

So I'm a liar.

I said I would start blogging again last week, but let's just say that real life did what it does -- which is get in the way of blogging -- and I wasn't able to. But now I am sitting at my laptop and I will not talk any more about why I couldn't blog because it is boring, and instead I will share some of my pictures from Austria. Because? Well, I spent most of July in Austria -- that's a lot of time!

This year we spent a lot of time in my husband family's house in the country -- it's in a region called Niederösterreich (Lower Austria, which, despite what the name suggests is in the northeast - why do you have to go and make things complicated, Austria?)

Whatever it's called, it's full of wheat and forests and vineyards and it is lovely.

A wine cave

One incredibly fabulous thing about Austria are the castles that casually dot the countryside. They're so common that it is relatively not that big a deal to live in one. I think that most of them are private residences (but I am not 100% sure about this) but we did visit a public one called Rosenburg.

The reason you go to Rosenburg is to watch their bird show. It's the typical tourist fare -- trainers dressed in renaissance costume do a falconry demonstration in an actual mountaintop renaissance castle. You know, the usual.

Sounds tame, but those birds are big.

That one up there almost hit me in the head. I'm not even kidding!

Niederösterreich is beautiful and relaxing, but my real heart lies in Vienna. Turns out I'm a city girl at heart and not much of a country mouse. (I know this is shocking. Try to keep your surprise to a minimum!)

On Thursday I will share some pictures from gorgeous Vienna. Tomorrow, I have a little something different for you.