Make Yourself: A Little Injury Isn't Stopping Me!

Hi! Remember how I'm working with Nike and their Nike Training Club app? (Coincidentally, the iPad2 giveaway is still going on -- check it out!)

Well, I'm starting to think that I'm doomed.

Doomed I tell you!

The orthopedist had to pop my pinkie back into place after a tragic, and I mean tragic as in "ridiculous" flip-flopping accident. I was walking in flip flops when I stubbed my pinkie on the foot of the person in front of me. Six X-rays later, it was determined that I had managed to dislocate the tip of my littlest toe. The doctor just popped it into place, and warned me not to hurt myself again (ha!) until my next round of X-rays (which are tomorrow).

You may remember that my original goal was to "get lean" -- which is the more aerobic of the Nike Training Club workout series. That doesn't work too well with an injured toe, so I switched it up this week to "get focused" and more specifically the ab burner workout -- I simply skipped the plank portions (yes, portions -- you have to do three of them in fifteen minutes) and got a fabulously painful (and crunch-free!) ab workout.

So even those of us out there on the klutzier end of the spectrum can get some serious workouts with the NTC app.

No excuses!

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