Have a signature gift wrap. Everyday Tips #12

Stop driving yourself crazy every time you have to wrap a gift. Figure out a signature giftwrap technique now, and make your life easier.

Pick a color. Stock up on paper in that color. (I like orange, but you may like white and red stripes, or blue, silver, plain kraft paper.) Buy a lot of ribbon in a coordinating color as well. Teach yourself how to tie a bow -- for real.

(Here, let me show you how.)

Put the paper, ribbon, scotch tape, gift tags, and a pair of scissors in one of those underbed storage boxes. Put it under the bed.

And now you're ready for any gift wrapping emergency. (You think I'm kidding, but have you ever paid $5 for a gift bag and overpriced tissue paper? I rest my case.)

Think of all the money you'll save. And how awesome it will be when your friends start associating your gift wrap with your gifts.

I think it makes even the simplest gift even more special.