I'm just ONE mom

I've been admiring the work of ONE moms since their launch. It's hard not to be touched by the stories they share of mothers from around the world.

But this year? This year it's different. This year, many of the  moms went to Ethiopia  are personal friends of mine. This year, I enthusiastically accepted ONE's invitation to be a partner blog.

Right before the group left for Ethiopia, they sent me a beautiful package that included a scarf made by the women of LiveFashionABLE.com.

I wore my scarf all around Boston, which is as far away from Ethiopia as you can imagine. But I felt a connection -- superficial as it may be -- thanks to the story of the mom that made my scarf.

As the week went on, I checked my Facebook and Instagram for updates from my friends. I saw pictures of beautiful children and women. I read stories of triumph, of how every little bit we do here helps women in Ethiopia do a lot -- for themselves and their families.

It has made me even more aware of the power of stories. We are privileged to have voices. We are even more privileged to be free to use our voices and share our stories. Our ability to communicate makes us powerful.

By sharing the stories of the women of Ethiopia, the ONE moms are sharing that power with women who are working to ensure the basic survival of their families. Of their children. Of their country.

If you haven's followed the ONE moms, you can do so here. They are back in the US now, but the stories and photos are still pouring in. Yes, you are only one person. The problems of the world are big. But it helps to see that together, we are making a difference.