Ceci n'est pas un switch plate. Every day tip #59

What you see up there is my latest home improvement project. Ta-daaa!

Yes, it's a humble switch plate cover but it completely brought the master bedroom together.

I'm a firm believer that the tiniest of details make a big difference.

When the old switch plate broke, I set out to buy another plain beige one. I didn't put much thought into it. And then, this borderline gaudy one caught my attention and wouldn't let go.

"Nah," I thought. It was too weird. Too much.

And then, as I looked at the plain ones, I realized that this one was more "me" -- and isn't the point of decorating putting your mark on your house? I argue that it is.

So I went for the crazy switch plate, and it makes me smile every time I turn on the bedroom lights.

It's like little diamond studs for the wall.