How to stop hiding from the camera. Everyday tip #34

Stop hiding from the camera.

I am absolutely talking to myself here. (It happens!) There are few pictures of me in existence -- at least when compared to the number of pictures I take of my family. Yes, part of the reason is that I'm usually the one behind the camera (or the phone, these days), but to be honest a bigger part of the reason is that I don't volunteer to be in front of the camera as often as I could.

I've gotten better about it, but I have a long way to go.

Listen, I know you don't like the way you look in pictures. I don't like the way I look in pictures, either. The camera? She can be a liar. Or may be she isn't, and that's what I'm afraid of. But the thing is that your family, the people who love you, cannot get enough pictures of you. You are not doing anyone else a favor by erasing yourself from the record.

Get in front of that camera.

I've recently updated my computer, and the newest version of iPhoto comes with facial recognition software. I spent a good part of an evening just tagging photos, and I learned a few things.

I only have 32 photographs of my late father on my computer. I regret that. I wish he hadn't hidden from the camera, and I am grateful for the precious few pictures he let us take of him.

My photos: After looking at them all in a row, I got used to looking at myself. It wasn't too bad --after a while. Force yourself to look at pictures of yourself, and you'll see that they're not bad, you silly fool.

My kids/husband: There are thousands of photos of them. I love them all.

So! Yes, I have a ways to go, but here is how I've gotten better about having my picture taken.


I bought a remote for my camera. Then I took 300 pictures of myself in one afternoon. I forced myself to look at them. I got over myself. No, you can't see them: I deleted most of them, and kept the best ones. There were 10 left. They come in very handy.

As an added bonus, because of the remote I can now take pictures of the whole family that include ME. Imagine that.


It's just a picture. Take it and don't let it be too precious. The more pictures out there of you, the less you'll believe that each individual one is a judgement on you.

Are you good about taking pictures of yourself? Or do you hide when a camera comes out?